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Multiple Optimization Features


Any clue why I can not create more than one optimization feature in a single part? The first optimization feature gets created just fine. Subsequent optimizations are completed successfully, but I can't featurize it. Any clues? I am using WF2.0 on a Windows 2000 Pro OS.

Thanks in advance.
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its probaby there but ur not seeing it due to ur model tree filters

on the model tree

->settings->tree filters-> display ( everything)



Thanks, but it is not a filtering problem. I can not make the optimizations features once I already have one. The green check mark in the optimization dialog box is "greyed out".


New member
yes this is true you can only make one optimization feature per model thats what proengineer says ,but i will give you a snakey way;

make the first optimization feature then suppress it then you will be able to make another one (the green button will be active) ,then resume the first optimization feature again you will see both features in the model tree