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multiple models in one drawing


New member
I have 2 models (A & B) installed in a drawing.

Model A shows up in the model tree, Model B

does not. Can you make model B show up there

as well?


New member
Yea I did that but the second model doesn't show

up in the model do I make the second

model show in the model tree?


New member
Maybe you have to set that model for it to show up in the tree.

Sorry I can't help you I don't use the tree, takes up to much space.


Close your model tree and open it up again. Sometimes the model tree doesn't update properly. I've seen this behavior also when adding feature parameters to the model tree. Either way, you can still only have one model in the tree at a time.


New member
This post made me curious, and it turns out I have the same problem, even if I change models and re-open the model tree. Though I don't consider it a real problem, it is puzzling. I've never noticed it before on any other version.


New member
u can set whichever the model requires to show in the model tree by click In the tree,switch view,pick the model using query,that the model tree updates ur model.