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Multi sheet .drw to singe dwg/dxf file?


New member
Is there a hidden config pick I can't remember, or a way to export a multi sheet Pro/E drawing into a single dxf/dwg file. We would like to capture all the drawing info in one exported file without having to create through "save as" drawing_1.dwg, drawing_2.dwg... etc. Is this even possible withing the confines of dxf/dwg translation format?


New member
Hi Mark,

Did yo ever find a solution or workaroundfor this?

Or in fact is it possible to create multiple DXF's from a multisheet drawing without having to create them individually?




AutoMAD only got the ability to do multi sheet drawings in a fairly recent release while I believe Pro/E still writes an older version DWG file.


New member
It may be poosible to export multisheet proe drawings to separate autoCAD files. But it may not be possible to have the same in the same file in different layouts because the MODEL SPACE is unique to an AutoCAD file.