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multi models bom balloons


New member
I want to show multiple BOM's on one drawing, but when i do the system says balloon creation is not supported with multi models.

I don't want to create my balloons manually because if a part is added to a model it will change the item # seq. and the created balloons could be wrong since they are not param.

Does anyone deal with this


arlo blair CAS

New member
You won't be able to do it mate.

You may be able to do it on a seperate sheet (probably not though). A seperate drawing sounds your best bet.



New member
I know in W2.0 you can show as many bill of materials as you want to as many different assemblies. you just have put the model in the drawing and then put multi tables in the drawing. Or you can have one table with several different repeat regions.

I do this all the time, especially when you are using several different simple representations. This is the only way you can take a progressive die and show it open and close without manually going into the different views and hidding each component. That would be rediculous if that is how you would have to do it.

Pro-e treats simple reps. the same way as models are treated from one another

hope this helps.


New member
In spite of what arlo blair says, you can do it in 2001. You CAN have
more than one model (and I am not talking different Reps here) on a
single sheet of a drawing and more than one table along with the
associated B.o.M balloons.

The basic procedure for adding the second (and subsequent) views and tables is

Add your new model (which should also set the model)

add the view(s) of the model

retrieve the table

set the region and balloon type

show the balloons (re-picking the region)



New member
Hm I have similar problem. I have simp rep of huge master assembly and in drawing I want to show this simp rep in views but I wont my repeat region (table) to show master rep. Ok I can do all that but then when I want to create bom balloons they cant be created because there is no view of master rep.
Is there something to do to create bom balloons or must I add them manually?
Edited by: Isair


New member
Sorry can't help you with this problem Isair because this is a lot like
trying to tie a view to the wrong B.o.M. especially when you get into
Simplified Reps with substituted components

Perhaps you should look at what you are trying to achieve. Is it
absolutely essential to have a common item number for a particular part
on every sheet. In my opinion the most important criterion is tying the
component to the correct part number, everything else is a bonus.



New member
Well that is true, and maybe is not logical trying to show something what is excluded, and I know that there is no solutions to this problem either to add bom manually (but I was hoping that someone has better solution).
Just for illustration I will describe my problem:
I got huge assembly in which are 760 sheet metal parts (all the same), trickiness 1.5 mm, which are patterned in one direction with 1.5mm pitch. Ok now if I want to create drawing of this subasm, then in that view where all this sheet metal parts will be it will be darkspot when it goes out printer. Also with all this sheet metal parts machine on with I'm running Pro/E will go slow, so for all that reasons I use simp rep. Also this huge subasm goes in main asm and it is patterned 30 time along axis.
Number of this sheet metal parts is issue here so in table I want to see their number in main asm, and I don't want to see all this parts in view of drawing. So all this things comes in conflict when creating drawing, either will count manually number of sheet metal parts or manually add bom balloons.

So I will add them manually


New member
Isair, there is a possible workaround to your problem.

Use "Fix Index" to force the B.o.M. index number of your Simplified Rep
table to match the numbers used on the B.o.M. of the Master Rep. That
way you can show the master B.o.M. on your sheet but automatically show
balloons relating to the doctored table which is off the edge of the
visible sheet.

While this solution is not perfect, it is nowhere near as ugly as manually entering B.o.M.s and creating balloons.


Assuming that you have Advanced Assembly Extension, you may want to
look at creating an Interchange Assembly so you can easily swap your
750 part sub-assemblies for another simpler component that is easier to
manage in the overall assembly and only bring in the fully detailed
sub-assemblies when you actually require them, e.g. via an instance of
a family table.


New member
Yes I have AAX, I totally forget for interchange asm, because I was in hurry to finish current drawing, and I didn't modeland assemble this particular big asm. The only way to achieve this what I was needing is trough use of interchange asm.