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Multi-colored wires/cables


New member
Just wondering how many others have a need to show muti-colored (striped) wires/cables in ProCABLING. Isn't the model supposed to be the part? I know some are doing this by tweaking the color highlight but that doesn't seem to work for all color combinations. I tried to use the texture mapping and got so far as selecting the wire. The wire would take any color except those with texture maps.

I did submit an enhancement request but could use some help from others generating more requests. Seems to me that the need is really there...or are we just a small number?


New member
The same issue came up at the NC users group meeting...

There is not a clean way of doing it with textures as you found out. I tried a work around using offset surfaces, spiraling around the wire, but was stumped on how to automate it for a spool definition.

I don't use cabling, but if I did I'd be pretty upset that you could only have monochromatic wires


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