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movies encoded to DivX


anyone tried this?

when ever i try divX-ing any movie created in pro-e divx fails. since i've divx-ed many things before i dare say its pro-e.

anyone had any similar problems?

this is could be really hand when trying to send a short video over
email to a client. There is a big difference in a 2meg file vs a 10meg


New member
An alternative to the MPEGs created by Pro/E, you can have it save your
animation as JPEGs or BMPs in a folder, which you can then use in a 3rd
party app to create an AVI file (I dont know about DIVX encoding
specifically, but I'd imagine one of the many free programs out there
has this option)...

I've used these snapshots to make animated GIFs for clients using Adobe Imageready as well.

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New member
Hi Puppet.. what program ar e you usingto create the DivX video and what version of DivX? I personally use wmv quite a bit... just use windows movie maker (on the default XP install) and compress.. the rate is quite similar and you can add sound and transitions very easily!



Hey James,

dr.divx i think it was, it was on a friends pc so not really sure what
version it was. As for windows movie maker, Brilliant idea. i will give
it ago and see what happens.