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Mouse issues


New member
I am having trouble with getting the mouse we have toperform properly with spins zooms

It is a Microsoft Wireless Optical mouse with a middle scoll button. We have tried to reassign the middle button with settings but it did not affect the zoom in pro-E

Helps or suggestions?


Set the button function to simply "Middle Button" in the Control panel > mouse settings... Usually these are set to Auto-scroll or universal scroll, etc..



New member
... Yep I tried this already as mentioned in note 1.

Start>control>Mouse and set the middle scoll to "middle" in the pick list instead of scroll.

I also tried to point the mouse to pro-e using the "enable program specific settings".... still no dice.

We may go back to a regular three buttom mouse with all this horsing around... it should not be that tough.

Thanks for your feedback


New member
hi eric,

I met you in an interview back in december at worrell. Hope things are going well for you there.

Thanks for the feedback, we have been drawing that conclusion here that the radar mouse isnt going to be a go and we will have to go back to the chord.

As a rule I do not load ANY mouse driver software. I simply use the MS
Windows default 3 button and it alleviates all issues and that way
people can choose their mice, be it logitech or microsoft.


New member
I have an intellimouse optical with the intellimouse software driver installed. My wheel button is set to "autoscroll" and it works perfectly. By the way, I have no option to set it to "middle button" or anything like that.


New member
Well, we discovered(as was mentioned)that setting to middle worksbut the pressure required for this particular mouseto do the spin operation(I have a pulled tendon)makes it a likely move to go back to a regular chorded optical mouse.

Thanks for the help everyone.


New member
I have used a number of Logitech wireless mice, all with great success. I have also trieda Microsoft wireless mouse with the scroll wheel that also tips right and left. I was never able to configure that Microsoft mouse successfully. That funky middle scroll / pan wheel never worked inside of Pro. It was great everywhere else in Windows, though.

Does anyone else notice their mouse's motion / sensitivity is lowered inside of Pro? Specific versions include WF1 and WF2.


New member
<DIV>Here is the fix foryour mouse settings, youneed to load the MouseWare drivers instead of using the default ones provided by Windows. And your mouse wheel needs to be set to 'autoscroll' , I always check the 'Use MS Office Compatible Scroll Only' button. </DIV>
<DIV>You also commented about the acceleration not working within Pro/E, this isa general behavior of OpenGL apps. Try the Advanced Settings Utility from Logitech. Inherantly, the mouse accelerators are ignored in OpenGL apps because "Gamers" don't want the acceleration in thier games. This utility lets you turn this acceleration on.</DIV>


New member
Dose a fix exist for the new Microsoft micewhere the scroll wheeltips side to side. In WF 1 & 2 it will dump you out of spin mode if you are holding down the middle button and tip just a little bit to either side. I even tried to turn down the sensitive it dose nothing a all.

If not the old style mice will be in short supply soon.

I just bought one from eBay today for about 20.