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Mouse Configuration


New member
I am using the Student Version of Pro E 2001. I am using an optical mouse. Does anyone know of a configuration file to set the functions of the buttons. When working on a part, I am able to use the CTRL + left mouse button to zoom and CTRL + right mouse button to pan. However, I am unable to use CTRL + middle button to rotate the part. The middle button is a scroll wheel with thrid button functionality. I have tried every assigned function under the mouse settings and Pro E still doesn't allow me to rotate the part. If anyone could tell me how to resolve this problem, I would appreciate it. I have looked through the file and can't find any setting related to mouse button functions.



There are no config options for mouse buttons but you could create a mapkey and assign it using the mouse driver.

Check that you have the correct driver for your mouse.

I have my scroll wheel set to the middle button setting in my driver.

Make sure you are actually pushing down on the scroll wheel to rotate. Spinning the scroll wheel will zoom but not rotate.

Good luck

My suggestion is to purchase a spaceball 5000. The time saved with this system will pay for itself in 3 weeks. (That's if your doing contract work on the side.) But it's still the fastest way to manipulate your work.


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