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motion controller and graphics card

Uni Phil

New member
I have just bought a motion controler (labtec spaceball 4000) and am running it with WF SE at home.

I've only just managed to get a copy of WF SE on loan from university to upgrade from 2001, and have found that it is a lot more slugish on my system than 2001.

Once I connected the spaceball Pro/E kept crashing alot more than usual!!!

I'm using 512Mb ram, xp2000 chip and a Matrox G450 dual head card (32Mb)

Could my graphics card be to blame, and if so, any recomendations?
I use that same spaceball, I run a fx5200 video card. So i would say that its not the card its self, however i did go thru serveral driver before i got the right combo. So just be careful sometimes newer drivers are not always better.

I can't seem to find a website with any drivers on at all.

I've scoured the labtec website but to no avail so if you have any ideas on driver websites please throw them this way.

Also even before I had the motion controller WF was very slugish, and once I bought the motion controller, this problem was just exagurated.

I'm going to borrow a graphics card which runs pro/e perfectly and see what happens!!!


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