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New member
If I understand correctly (you've developed core and cavity mold halves, but did it without a part?) copy the relevant surfaces (there are a few ways to do it) into a part file, merge and solidify (if required).


New member
I'm not sure what your application is precisely, but if you're reverse engineering something, (whether it be a die or plastic injection mold), remember to consider the shrink factor of material being shot into the die/mold, and that die/mold probably had shrink factored in when it was built....just giving you a heads up!


Hi leenus
If u create this in manufacturing mode, so you can get the part by molding. Wild Fire make as molded part based upon calculating the material gap between core and cavity


New member
Hello leenus2b,

Maybe try putting a model into the assembled core and cavity, and then just cutout the parts which should leave the component inside.

Good luck!


New member
If you did it in Mold Design and you extracted the parts you could click on Molding, give it a name and Pro/E will generate a part from the results of your cavity/core