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modifying weld symbols


New member
Does anyone know of an easy way to correct or fix weld symbols that have text "etc" and or symbols in the wrong place. "ie" weld_size needs to move left or right.Typ all text and symbols are on top of each other. very tedious to query through all text/sym finding each one and correcting it for all symbols.

much thanks. Gary


New member
there is a way if u use the same weld symbol in all the places. just go to FORMATE> SYMBOLGALLERY>REDEFINR> Select the symbol u want to make the modification thendo the necessary correction in the symbol window also select attributes to select the pick point. say ok.

now go to insert> symbols> custom symbols select the symbol and place it all the places u want to keep. if this symbol is used in more than 1 file then write it in a personal folder so that u can retrieve it when ever u need.


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New member
Thanks for the info-

I've tried format/symbol gallery/redefine and picked the symbol I wanted. The problem comes in when you pick the symbol and are taken to the edit symbol window and are looking at what could resemble a drawing that you just did a dimension show all on. Each symbol has many instances of the same symbol with text all over the place depending on your application. You have to select and drag and drop each piece of text to the correct location (approx) and then place it in the drawing and keep going back and forth until it is correct. if you select a similar symbol with some variation it's text may be in-correct or in the wrong place and so on and so on. Individual symbols can be tweeked relatively easy.I would like to clean all the symbols to display properly. This could take some time. Or possibly could our library have gotten corrupted.




New member
u are right. now if u want the text to be changed at each point where u want to place the symbol then i feel that there is a way. like while editing the symbol and typing the text u type the required text between two slash. ex. /a/ so that after placing trhe symbol in different places u can double click the text so that it will ask for the value and u can enter what is need at that point.

Note. i am not sure about theslash i have used since i am out of proe now. but try both"\", "/"

i feel u can modifu only the text except the symbol now. see u

good luck