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Modifying Offset Lines in Drawing


New member
I have an assembly in 200i2, and I am modifying the assembly drawing.(Someone else drew it, long ago). The exploded view was modified in the drawing, not the assembly. There are existing offset lines that I would like to modify, and there are more that I want to add. I want to do this in Drawing if possible.

The help file explains how to do it in Assembly. I go to Mod Expld, pick the view, then Redefine. I pick Offset Lines, but Modify is grayed out. Maybe because the lines were created in Drawing.

In Drawing,I go to Mod Expld, pick the view, then Redefine. All I get is Position and Expld Status, no Offset Lines.

Any suggestions?


New member
The offset lines are probably 2d drawing entities, not offset lines created in the assy or drawing. Offset lines were implemented in 2001. In 2001, you choose "Info > Draft Entity". If you can choose what you see as offset lines, they are merely draft entities.