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Modelling Worm Gear In Pro E


New member
I am a student currently undertaking a third year university project to design a robotic prosthetichand. In order to achieve this I am modelling the hand using Pro Engineer, and then assembling it as a mechanism in order to see that it works and perform analysis on the model.

I am having great difficulty with the CAD modelling of a worm and worm gear. I require a worm and worm gear which has a ratio of 100-1, and have found a suitable gear supplied by Muffett, details of which can be found here:


My problem is that I have no experience drawing worms or worm gears, and as a student my Pro Engineer drawing skills are less than perfect. I am not sure how to convert the information found on the data sheet into a 3D Pro E model, and the company have been unable to help me. Does anyone have any ideas, or any idea if there is a standard parts library that I would be able to access which may have a suitable worm gear drwaing in it.

Many thanks,

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if i could even read that data sheet i could help. but it comes up rather blurry to my dull eyes.

but if its only a representative thing. just draw a cylinder

then use a helical sweep cut

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