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New member
i am getting problems when patterening and mirrong a rib in side a cylendrical surface.

how to do it with out entering resolve environament

thanking u


New member
dear puppet,

this is my uploaded file,


i created a cylendrical part by revolving'L' section,and created rib in side the part.i was unable to make axial pattenen and mirror for the rib.i was going to resolve environament after doing these operations.

help me in solving this problem

thanking u


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hey there. sorry but work is really sh*tty with people uploading models. even if they not work related.

so here goes

highlight a datum plane. and then


highlight all surfaces to get this

View attachment 803

then sketch ur profile, referencing that intersected lines only

make the rib

Pattern ->axis -> what ever ur after.

View attachment 804

let me know how you go :)

if u look @ that other guys model ("sorry forgot ur name") only problem
is that the refernces are left floating when he defines the sketch to
make the ribs. while on my way they will stay parametric.

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