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Modeling Text


New member

I have a component on which I would like to model text letters into. Rather than use sketcher to create a cut into my part, I'm searching for a simpler way to do it. Is there a method to doing this. Thanks in advance.



You can do a cosmetic feature, it has less overhead than a cut but you still have to create the section in sketcher. You do know you can type in text in sketcher don't you? You don't have to draw the characters. If you don't want to do it in sketcher you can also import a jpeg and apply it to a surface. Search for logo or decal and you should find threads that tell you how.


New member
If you are in wildfire 2.0 there is a simpler method to make your text parametric so that you dont have to always write the text in sketch mode.

Create a parameter named "text" of type string
Give any value to it e.g. "PTC"
create a "sketch".
In sketcher mode select the text command.
Now instead of typing text select parameter from the text window and select your text parameter.
Now your parameter value is applied to the text
Create a family table instance and select parameter "text"
In the new instance type any other value for that parameter.e.g. WF
If you open the instance you will see the text has automatically changed.

I hope i am making sense and have answered your query.