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modeling in assembly mode


Active member
There are a lot of material available for modeling in part mode.

Sometime I need creating parts in assembly mode. There I feel problems because the environment then is not same as in part mode. Is there any material available for this. I mean tutorials or books etc.

Thanks in advance.



New member
Here's a tutorial:

Create an empty part and assemble it.

Use Modify, Modify Part pick the part you want o add features to and then pick Feature.

You can create most solids and surface features but not all (you can't create datum features).

Suggest you only create the minimum number of features you need in assembly and go to part mode as soon as you can to (1) MINIMIZE external references and (2) get the full functionality of part mode.


New member
Wildfire must be a bit different (? I'm new to Pro/E). Working in an assembly in part mode (activated part) seems to be just the same as working with only the part open, except you can reference other assembly components and create external dependancies if desired. If there's anything I can't do (part scope) while working in the assembly, I haven't stumbled across it yet (?).