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Modeling from measured points


New member
Ok, I have a disk shaped object that is not flat, its got some curves on it (but its still axisymmetric around the axis of rotation). I have measured it using a probe on our cnc lathe and I have files with the points describing the front and back surfaces of it. I need to model this part. My first instinct is to use these points to make datum curves then create a revolve feature using these curves. Is this fesible? Is it the best way?

What format do the measurement files need to be in to be recognized by pro?




New member
The Reverse engineering package provided with Pro/E wildfire release is designed to take point data, create and STL shpe from the point data and the fit a surface to the stl shape. if you do not have this package you can still find a third party program to make an stl file from your 3d point data. bring the stl file into pro/E. you can section and do some surface analysis on the facet feature you get from the stl data. use this info to build your surface