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Modeling a textured surface


New member

I'm working on a mold for a juice bottle on which we would like to add an orange peel texture over one surface, and machine it... (not just a decal) but a decal might work for presenting the idea.

Is there a way to do this in pro/E? to show a bumped surface on the part?.

If not, what program do you suggest to make it and then importing it to Pro/E and machine it? (Or machine an electrode based on it?)

Best regards, thanks in advance


New member
i do not think pro e has the capability to texture map. for my project, we import it into 3d studio max using the VRML format. as far as i know, pro e can only color map, no textures. there are other programs out there that should be able to do it, such as UVmapper, which is free. the only catch is that it can't handle complicated textures.

if you want to make a cylindrical map on a bottle, UVMapper can generate template texture maps for .OBJ files exported from Pro/E that you can paint over yourself. It will also generate texture coordinates. hope this helps.


New member
Pro/Photorender can apply a bump map to a model surface. Let me know if you want detailed instructions. Photorender comes with the basic pro/engineer package