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My question is this: I have two models which I think are the same. I copied the first model, did my changes on it and it certain surfaces on it appear to be the same as on the original. Can I use ModelCHECK to compare and confirm that certain surfaces are the same? There is some complex surfacing on these parts and the reason I need to know is for the purpose of machining. Thank-you if anone can help.


New member
ModelCHECK can tell you to what percent two files are identical. However, this is based off moments of inertia. Since Surfaces don't have mass properties, I don't know how accurate this would be. ModelCHECK's geometry checking specifically targets finding similar parts, not comparing two parts directly. It also reviews geometry for exportability, but this isn't what you are needing.

ProductView can compare part geometry between two part files of your choice. It shows the two parts in different transparent colors so the differences are obvious. It can also do drawing overlays if that is of interest to you.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire can compare geometry from two parts using Analysis > Compare Part > By Feature or By Geometry. If the parts weren't created the same way, use By Geometry.

Hope this Helps.