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Model weight in family tables


New member
I have the parameter weight (WEIGHT=MP_MASS()) assigned to my parts. How do I get ProE to generate the weights of the children of a family table. So far when I entry the WEIGHT parameter in the family table is shows the weight of the parent not the individual instances.


New member
To resolve the problem of the calculation of the weight of a variation of the family table owe to insert an analysis of the model. Attention, to get reliable results has to respect two conditions:

1) analysis must be inserts as last operation in the tree model;

2) in the sketch you have to perform a double regeneration of the model and a regeneration of the same sketch.

I apologize me for possible errors, this message you/he/she has been translated by Italian into English in automatic



I managed to get each weight showing correctly by:

- adding the weight parameter to the family table

- regenerating & re-verifying each instance

View attachment 399

At first they all showed the generic value, but after the regen/verify they showed correct values.



New member
Okay. I am not allowed to insert an analysis feature nino67 as I do not have Behavioral Modeler but thank you for the suggestion. I'll look into the benifits of having that.

proed, I've tried all that you have suggested as well, but to no avail. Do I need Behavioral Modeler to acomplish the results in family table as well?