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model tree


New member
how can i separate model tree from PROE window in Wildfire 2?

Like option in customize screen i have only

-as part of navigation tab

-below graphics area

-above graphics area

display in separate windows is not present like option.....

or is not possible in Wildfire 2?i dont think soo..........

May be is better to mention i made installation in english version from original kitsCD for France

manny tahnks


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New member
You can set the old 2001 option, something like "model_tree_location", but the model tree will be still shown as embedded and in separate window.


Per Olaf Corten, not sure about this myself.


out, in

specifies the location of the model tree in the browser window.



New member
Officially the WF2 config.pro option appears to be

enable_tree_indep no/yes

However I have been running an undocked model tree for years and do not
have this new setting listed anywhere but WF2 still starts with it
undocked and "tree_location right" is commented out. I think it
is because the undocked setting was contained in my old config.win file.

I thoroughly recommend running model tree undocked and if you have a
second monitor, drag the model tree into that. From there you can really expand it widthwise and it makes so many things
that much easier.


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