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Model Tree


New member
In my model tree, I have the default column plus a "Feat #" column. I can adjust the width of additional columns but not the default Component/Feature column. I have to drag the column divider to the right each time I activate a new screen. Anyone now how to permanently adjust the default column width?


New member
I was just trying to do this myself, and couldn't find it ... so i searched the forums here and found this post ..... but alas no answer ... is it possible to adjust this default column width


New member
I never found hoe to permanently adjust the default column with so I asigned a map key to do it.


New member
Yea, a mapkey is the only way I've found to be able to do it as well. It stinks that you have to do it for each window that opens but it's quicker than dragging the columns in each window.


New member
Exaclty how do you do this? I can adjust the column width to additional columns but not the default. I have to use the mouse to drag it over. Are you making a mapkey to do this? I'm still using 2001.
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New member
If the model tree is part of the Navigation tabs, it's size may be controlled as a percentage of the window width.

From the menu select Tools/Customize Screen... select the Navigation Tabs tab

In the Navigation Tabs Settings area, the second row contains a slider for Navigatuion Window's Width (%), move the slider or enter a value into the box just left of the graphic illustration of the setting's effect. The Default setting is 10%.

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New member

You could add the contents of your current "resize" mapkey to a couple of new ones for opening and creating new files. That way everytime you open a file with said mapkey the resize will automatically occur.