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model size & computer space


New member
I have aam running mechanica in integrated mode in


my computer has 75GB RAM & 1256MB RAM.

I am trying to run a static stress analysis using the default solid elements. there are 65,000 elements being created by AUTOGEM in the analysis.

The run is falling over saying that an error occured while requesting an additional 800MB of memory from the operating system...and saying that at least 2.7GB of memory are needed to run this design study.

I have the swap space set to 1500MB - 3000MB (max) and the

RAM allocation for the run set to 628MB.

I have run similar analyses before with less elements successfully.

I am trying to reduce number of elements but in integrated mode there is not much scope - i do not have independent mode available. i looked at autogem settings for angles &

aspect ratios but nothing there to reduce number of elements.

Any suggestions please?

If i cannot reduce number of elements is there some RAM etc settings etc that i could reset to help run completion.

any suggestions greatly received as a guy i'm working with on this thinks i'm just making excuses !!!



New member

I experienced a similar problem a few weeks ago with only 35000 elements. Let me preface this by saying that I am the casualist of casual Mechanica users and only fire it up once or twice a year. This occurred on a 3GB RAM Precision, and the immediate fix is to NOT run within Intralink if you are; export the files to disk via FILE>BACKUP and then do it.

If this is not the case (no Intralink), I can only suggest that you NOT set your 'Available RAM' setting in the Mechanica run to your actual RAM in the machine; try half of it, or for your 1.2GB machine give it 500MB and make certain there are no other windows apps running when you do the run. Setting the 'Available RAM' low was suggested by PTC because Mechanica uses this as a starting point, and I guess it messes up swapping somehow, which you will do a lot.

I also activated the 3GB switch in XP, but I don't know if it helped or not. It did however lead to other unexpected errors in WindowsXP so I turned it off. Not an issue for your 1.2GB box, though.