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Model Check


New member
Can anybody let me know what are the benefits of using Model Check. Is it really worth implementing. I have tried to do an implementation but could find out at the end that it cannot do anything other than checking if proper start part is used, proper drawing format is used and if anybody has over-written a dimension using @o. Most of the other funtionalities doesn't seem to work like Rule Check. Some of the config options are also obsolete now like checking if x% of the model dimensions are shown. here x can be any no that can be set.

What real benefits can be achieved by Model Check?
In my experience, ModelCHECK is valuable for companies new to Pro/ENGINEER or companies implementing data management for the first time.

For new companies, it helps designers remember to fill out parameters, use templates, put drafts and rounds at the end of their models when possible, etc. It is disappointing that RuleCHECK is temporarily broken. But there are still benefits without it.

For companies migrating to data management, it is used to clean up sometimes years of poor or missing standards. It makes sure anything going in to the data management system has the basics: formats, spell checking, filled out parameters, etc.

It would really be nice to have advanced checking, not just combination of existing checks, but truely custom checks! I've filed an enhancement request for ModelCHECK to support an API like J-Link so we can create company specific, custom checks. But I'm only one voice in the wilderness. The more people who file similar enhancement requests, the better chances ModelCHECK will evolve into a useful tool for everyone.

To file an enhancement request on-line:
ModelCheck is meant to help streamline Pro/E models - standardise features, parameters, modelling practice etc...

I'd say it's not too vital for smaller companies (the setup & admin may be more work than its worth).

But for larger installations, where Pro/E data may be used by different groups of people in different locations, MC can help with implementing good practice and standardisation...

see a bit more about ModelCheck here: