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missing view geometry


New member

Can somebody help me
. I am working on quite complicaten drawing. I have changed a litle bit geametry of one of my machined groove. Very small modification. Then I updated views and message log apeared :The geometry which serves as the origin of the partial view "new_view_5", on sheet 1, is missing.

The geometry which serves as the origin of the partial view "new_view_6", on sheet 1, is missing.
The geometry which serves as the origin of the detailed view "A", on sheet 1, is missing.

Why it happend ? When I want to rapair it with teh use modifyview command, it does not work. I have to delete itand do it from the begining. I really irritated with this issue. It costs me a lot of work. I would be very gratefull if somebode can help me.



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New member

This is a common error messages that occur.

What has happened is, while creating the partial/detailed views, u will select an origin for sketching the boundary.

So when u modify a gometry, the origin reference might have lost.

To resolve this, just : modify view/boundary/move origin point and select a new origin. the view gets updated.


New member
I shall try and explain.
Let us say there is a block with a hole. The drawing while showing the details of the hole, has referenced the "EDGE" of the hole. Now when you suppress / delete the hole, the reference for the detail view is lost and you would get the error.

To correct this, Select the "Layout" tab.
Double click on the problem detail view. You would see a missing reference for the reference point on the parent view. Select a new Point and click OK.
The following picture should explain

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New member

YES, anatomcreview, you need to define origin first and boundary later.

When you create that,but for my case,I just click to define new origin.