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Missing dimensions !


New member
Hi all,

For some strange reason when i create 2d engineering drawings on my seat of proe (2001), when opened by one of my colleagues (also on 2001, just different pc ) all of the dimensions are missing !! Every seat of proe that we have are all set to the same config settings, and they have recieved drawings from me in the past ok. I have checked all config files and cant find any differences!

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

The problem might be due to layer settings. I know that you can choose to save layer settings in the part. If this was done previously and the model was resaved with out saving the desired Layer settings this might cause the dimensions not to show up.

Thanx for your replies,

I reopened the same drawing on my pc and all the dimensions where there! Every other seat of proe which we have cannot see any of the dimensions. They do show all of the notes which had been added. I am completly lost with this one!

I am thinking of sa complete re-install of proe to see if it cures the problem.

Regards, Tinag
Do the other computers have the same hardware as your computer?

Are the video drivers all up to date.
Hi Moroso,

All the other pc's are bran new XP machines. I am the only one running on NT which is a little outdated. Could it be a problem on my pc ???
Yes, the problem with your PC is it works! 8^)

I was just wondering if it was old hardware.

I have never seen a problem like this, did you call PTC

before you do a reinstall.

Is this with only one drawing or a series of drawings?

Try NOT using a config on one of the other machines and see what happens.
Im going to remove the config from my pc. Its only recently that drawings are loading with no dimensions, before then they where OK. I have started to notice other small bugs with proe on this pc, i think maybe the config is corrupt somehow??

By default, drawing dimension information is stored in the part file. If you share only the drawing file and the other person already has a copy of the part (not the copy of the part that you used to make the drawing) then when they open the drawing, no dimensions will be displayed.
Sounds like a hardware (video card/drivers) or the option graphics (selected driver). See if your graphics option differs from PC to PC. When you zoom in, do the dimensions reappear? Are there graphics outside of the format? Maybe there is something in space or you have a drawing entity close to 0 length. I am on 2001 and don't know of a way to search for min length entities in 2001. It could not be layers if you can see the dimensions on one PC.

I have experienced that dimensions have disappeared from my drawing from one day to the next. A colleague had the same happen from closing and reopening the drawing (not closing ProE) We both have good "saving practises"! We have examined layers, show/hide (though no dimension was collected from the part)

Both drawings where plate detail drawingswith an assembly and its parts added to it. (assembly used for data in title block)

But it happend only to this two particular drawings (so far).

Any clues??
i experianced this kind of problem with intralink.

but without intralink things work smooooth
The first two rows of my repeat region are missing, and when I right
click on the cell and hit the text style button, the text
reappears. However, exiting and coming back causes the issue to
reappear. I also lost almost all of the dimensions and notes on
my drawing.

Anyone ever seen problems with repeat regions?

Thanks in advance,


I must say, Wildfire 3 is beginning to be a love/hate relationship. One
day it makes me love it, then the next it stabs me in the heart.
I am such an idiot. Just for those (like me) who aren't the
brightest bulbs in the bunch, make sure you don't have a layer with
annotations blanked. I guess WF3 and I are back in love mode.

I almost had a heart attack over this.

Thanks anyway,

Dear tinag,

Taking a wild guess, but worth a try....

Change your system color to Black on White (View>Display settings>system colors..).

Some times the dimensions become invisible due to screen color setting but they are very much there.

Secondly check the drawing units. It should be consitant with the model units and should reflect in your config.dtl. Copy a good config.dtl to your working directory.

Good luck