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Misalignment of parts......


New member
Can anyone explain why the copy function doesn't align the parts correctly? I am creating cross-sections of a bridge that have the same outline, but the insides have different hollowed regions. At first, I thought that the function was fine. When I zoom in alot, I notice that the edges don't line up. In fact, it looks as though a piece of one cross-section is absorbed into the other piece. Any advice would be really helpful. BTW, I have already increased the accuracy to .0001 so I can't use that to fix my problem.

I have included pix of the problem. the second picture is a zoomed in picture of the first one. The two sets of lines (the edges of the sections) should be lined up, but there is an overlap for some reason.

View attachment 9


New member
Did you try any measuring distances between misaligned faces ?? This may be just a graphics issue.


New member
what douger means is that there may be display problem in your graphics screen so try to find the distance between the misallinged faces so u can exactly know is there is any misalingment if so u can check yoru pattern and dimensions again



New member
try to use another metod (way) for your construction.

Your pattern geometry is not working. And also, ... all geometry in one part, hmmm ... is not a great ideea.

email me your problem with details on private email

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