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Mirroring sheetmetal features


New member
In normal modelling, mirroring is no problem for me. In sheetmetal however, a lot of features refuse to mirror. What is the best way to mirror features in sheetmetal, for it saves a lot of time? Thanks in advantage,


[edit: I'm using Wildfire btw]
It's not possible in Wildfire 1.0. It maybe possible in 2.0 because I remember hearing about it somewhere before.

Steve C

BTW, I would love to have it now...
Yep, mirroring sheetmetal features is a weak link in the Pro/ Sheetmetal module for sure. What seems obvious will invariably generate an error message about unable to attach the flange. About the only thing I've found that can help is to model only half the part and then do a mirror all before adding any non-symetric features.

Hmm, a pity that it's not possible... But thanks for the quick answers anyway!

Mirroring half models is indeed a solution, but takes a really different approach on setting up the part. I'll try it sometime by constructing a part the good old way and by mirroring half the model (for most of the parts I create are symmetric) to see if it helps speeding up the process.

One other solution is the old fashion way of designing the part in the flat and then folding it up. You'd have to have a good knowledge of the manufacturing side. I know it sounds funky to anyone coming from a pure 3D design background but if you are manufacturing in house this approach will give you more shop friendly results.

> Even without the mirroring sheetmetal features,

> it's far better than most.

Sadly, the sheetmetal package is usually the poor cousin in most systems. At least we're not paying the, what was it? $10,000 (+ maintenance) they used to tack on for Sheetmetal.

Try using copy/new refs/dependent... It can take quite a few tries to get the direction right, but can be made to function liek a mirrored feature.
Yes, I have also been using copy/new refs/dependant for a few
years to mirror sheetmetal walls and there are quite a few types of
wall that can be done this way varying in degree of difficulty from
really easy to really hard but once you have got the first "pair" done
you can also use feature/copy/from different model to copy the "pair"
into another model to avoid having to go through all the regen actions
t get it right.

This method also allows for semi-dependant mirroring of features.



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