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Mirroring Features


New member
Is there any way to mirror features?

eg. Take a rectangle block and place a hole on left. Than I would like to mirror it about the right (center) plane. Can this be done?


New member
Hi Deflag

Thic can be done.. I have tried it.

Create a hole on the left side then copy mirror dependent choose the hole and pick the center plane the feature shall be mirrored on the right side.




New member
Here is a detailed explanation just in case....

1) Create first feature, i.e. your hole using the cut or hole features.

2) Select Feature>Copy>Mirror

3) If you would like your mirrored features to change when the original feature changes, choose Dependent. If you want to modify them individually later, then chose Independent.

4) Select which feature(s) you want to mirror. Click Done. You can select multiple features to mirror. If you don't want to mirror anything else, select done on the next menu.

5) Pick a plane to mirror across.

6) You should have your mirrored features.