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Mirroring, but making non-dependant...


New member
I'm struggling with this to the point i'm getting annoyed!!!

I've made a series of protrusions, rounds, etc and can succesfully mirror them about a plane. What i need to do is alter a minor length within the mirrored part (so they aren't perfectly symetrical).

So, I go to the 'mirror' in the model tree, right-click, select 'edit definition', select 'options' in the dashboard above the model tree, de-select 'Copy as dependant' and hit the green tick buton to complete.

Now I click regen, and in my mind, all the copied elements should be independant of the originals? They aren't - at least not on my system! If I try altering the copied sketch, it uses the orignal sketch (from the original copied protursions), which gives the game away somethign is amiss - if you change the value, it changes it on both sides - ie the copied parts are still dependant...

Oh, if I then repeat the above 'right click, select 'edit definition', select 'options' etc.... The copy as dependant has returned to being selected, even though I unselected it previously!

Anyone else found this? I've done a search but didn't find anything. the date-code on my system is M050 if that makes a difference (or means anything!!!)

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New member

I also usually mirror some features but i can esealy make it independent, try doing this, after you mirror a certain feature right click the mirrored feature & pick make sec Indep surely, once you change any dimension it will not change both.
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