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metric dimensions in part mode


New member
Don't build parts in metric to much so this might be pretty simple.

Let's say I have a cube that is 10 x 10 x 1. When picking on the cube and edit, which shows the dimensions, they read 10, 10, and 1. That is also how they show up on the drawing. I want them to read 10.00, 10.00 and 1.00. I can't seem to get them to do that.

If I change the dimension to 10.001 or something other than 10, they show up the way I want. What am I missing. I looked at the drawing setup file, config options, part setup units and everything else I could think of. Is this one of those Pro/e "intended functionality" things, or in metric drawings are the suppose to look like that?

On WF2.0 cut M060

Thanks in advance.


New member
Is this the dtl option lead_trail_zeros?
----oops, sorry, I need to read more carefully.
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New member
How many digits are used in the properties of the dimensions in the properties gui when checking the dims on the drawing?


New member
To show trailing zero's in a metric drawing,

lead_trail_zeros BOTH[STD_ENGLISH] (in the .dtl file)

Works for me..