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merge part


New member
hi all......

can any body help me in making merge part ?

I have raw part now . now Iwant make machnining part.

I have made it earlier. but now missed those method.

thanks in advace.


New member
Create your cast part and begin your machining part.

Create an assembly with both.

In the assy use advanced utilities and merge your casting part into the machining part.

Also make sure to use merge-by-reference otherwise the machined part will not update per any casting changes.


New member
One other tip, set the accuracy of both parts to use absolute accuracy and make sure the same value is used in both parts...

This will help prevent merge failures as your parts grow and reduce in size.


New member
I have a new question along this same topic.

If I create a merge and use the "ref" option, is there any reason, I can't delete the assy. used to create the merge? Will this hurt me later in some way?

I created the casting part, then created a blank part for my machining, then created an assy with both parts in it and merged them using "ref".

this wayI can use the machining part to make my cuts and any changes made later to the casting will update on my machining. (I do need 2 drawings with 2 separate revs.)

I am afraid if I delete the assy., my machining won't update later if I change the casting again. (even though I have tested it and it seems to update fine even if I delete the assy) I wish I could find this documented somewhere to make me feel better.

Any input on this topic would be appreciated!! Thanks!!


New member
No worries, you can delete the assy and the machined part will update.
You will get a message something like "reference assy is missing, using last known position".
The references is stored in the merge feature itself and not depending on having the assy in session.

I belive I've read this in the manual somewere, dont know if its still in there.



New member
You don't have to use the assembly trick anymore if you are using anything greater than 2001. Just use Feature->Create->Data Sharing->External Merge (for 2001) or the coresponding menu picks for WF.


New member

If you assemble your two parts in the new assembly, create a new CSYS1 using transform and save the file. Create a new ACSYS1 but reference the CSYS0 of the first part, and re-assemble the second part using ACSYS1 and CSYS0 of the second part. Do the merge but use the copy command, this will break any link to the assembly you just used.