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Menu manager is disappearing


Hello all,

I work with pro as my full screen. Whenever I regen or repaint the screen the menu manager disappears behind the window, which forces me to activate the window. Is there a setting to always have the manager on top of the window? I thought that I had found a setting a few years ago, but I'll be darned if I can find it now. Thanks in advance.
I use full screen with 2001 but it only maximize it on one of the dual monitor CRTs. I park the menu manager and Model Tree off on the second monitor (along with most other programs). I'm not at all pleased with PTCs decision to waste some of the hard fought modeling area with a browser window.

Bernie Hayden

This isn't really a solution but is a tip that might aleviate your frustrations.

I don't have any extra buttons on my mouse so I use a ctrl key on the keyboard for spin/pan/zoom. Using the one on the left allows you to quickly hit CTRL+A with one hand, which is the shortcut for Activate. I find this very useful when switching back and forth frequently between different windows.