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Memorry Issue


New member
Sorry for the screw up on the first post.

This problem was originally posted by another user but I was wondering if it was ever resolved and what is the fix.

I've been talking to PTC Support about an issue we are having. I wanted
to see if anyone else can replicate the problem. I am using the latest
datecode of wildfire and win 2000 SP4 (happens with SP3 and earlier
datecodes of wildfire as well)

Open the windows task manager (right click on the windows toolbar choose task manager)

Click on the performance tab and record your memory usage.

Now open Pro/E and record you memory usage again.

Now go to file open, click preview, for file type click .drw

Now preview a drawing let it sit on that drawing for a couple of secs and make sure you can see it.

Keep previewing drawing after drawing.

What happens to you memory usage?

For me (and all the machines here) the memory usage keeps going up and
up and up. The only way for me to get the memory back down to normal
levels is to close Pro/E. I've tried erase not display, it's not the
graphics card unless it's Nvidia specific. It happens on the FX500 and
950XGL. It's not processor related because it happens on an AMD machine
and an Intel machine. It's not config related, I ran with a blank
config file.....

Let me know if anybody else sees a similiar thing happen.



Happened to me while I was using mechanism, could do about 4 or 5 analysis runs then had to come out and reboot pro-e. I've now downloaded and installed a freeware program called FreeRAM XP Pro from download.cnet.com. This can be set to auto free RAm that is current;y not used. Seems to work ok.



New member
This I've seen in all releases of pro/E from at least R20. Dont remember if it was like that in R16 which was the first I used.

It doesnt seem to be linked to a specific module or command, just open a model or drw and it wont release the memory if you erase it from session.

Thanks for the tip about FreeRAM, i'll test that



New member
ankarl is correct. This issue has been around for a long time. Pro/E does release some of the memory after erasing objects, but not all. The longer you work in Pro/E, bringing up more objects, ereasing them, the less memory you will have. I am on UNIX and it holds true on UNIX also.