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New member
hi i am new in mechanism design

i am working seats of vehicle .due to some purpose i wants to move the seat(pull back seat)15 degrees to left of the vericle plane & 30 dgrees right to the v.p.

so how can i do this in mechanism i applied servo motor but i cant get work frm that

anyone can help me please.


upload ur files /screen shots..

a servo motor should work. whats the error? what connectiosn have you used?


New member
Try this method.

First Determine whether you wish to use Mechanism or Animation. If it is animation, it is simple. You just need to drag the back rest, take snapshots and make an animation file of display v/s time.

If it is a mechanism.

1. Define a servomotor at the joint axis. In this case it would be a pin joint.

2. Define the profile of the servomotor.

3. Define a copy of the same servo motor. Flip the direction for the direction of rotation.

Then make a motion file.

You should be able to do this.

Srinivasan Iyer


New member
does anyone know if there is an advanced manual available for download for mechanisms?

much obliged :)