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Mechanica results & calculation crash


New member
Hi there,

I'm new here, but I've already checked out most topics concerning Pro/Mechanica result window crashes. My problem is similar, I guess, and if you can help me further than what the other topics told, I would be very glad... First my specs:


Processor: AMD Athlon 2600+
Memory: 1 GB RAM, 2 GB Virtual
Video card: nVidia GeForce FX 5600 Ultra (128 MB)

Operating system: Windows XP SP2
Video drivers: 61.77 (latest)
Program version: Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0 (M010) (Educational)


The deal is, that ProMech crashes when requesting results. The basic results can be shown, but as soon as I try to increase color levels, add the deformation or use continuous tones ProMech crashes without any error messages. Same goes for adjusting the colors through the Options > Legend menu.
The memory usage of my machine is the only sign that something went wrong. (1.7GB is the max usage, whilst I have 3GB total)

I've already tried switching visualisation options to win32 instead of OpenGL, but it doesn't help. I also get the same crash on machines at university, even on dual processor multimedia PCs.

The same happens when calculating the model using multipass adaptive: halfway calculation (step 6 in my case) the status of the analysis just switches from "Running" to "Not running"... no errors whatsoever...

I would appreciate all the info and help I can get...