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mechanica n wf2 intergrated?


i just realised i have mechanica installed on this pc. Since i never
use it i never really tried anything with it. but when loading up a
part and then going to "applications mechanica" it comes up with the
following error.

Mechanica is not available. Only FEM Mode is currently available.

but i can goto program files -> ptc -> structural and thermal -> thermal.

and some black screen loads up who's interface looks like it was made
in the 80's, (mechanican wildfire) and doesnt look like the normal wf2
looking screen ive seen screen shots of when people are working on

is there a way to link the mechanica and wf2? or am i missing config settings.

basically i need help getting started, since as we all know I.T guys arent very helpfull or avalivble.


first be sure that you have a pro/mechanica wf licence

if you have you must set, during the installation, the path where proe wf will find pro/mechanica


New member
Hi Puppet!

program files -> ptc -> structural and thermal -> thermal. It's independent mode of Pro/M. You must configure proe command in order to use mechanica in intergrated mode. During installation process, point out pro/M folder at "create and configure command" window.

Hope it helpful


what file or directory should i be targetting? in the mechanica box?

j:\mechwildfire 2.0\????? file or directory



here it is :)

pro-setup file..

then cycle throught till u get to the menu where it asks u about

intralink and mechanica

then in the mechanica just point to the install directory


thanks to all those who helped