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MDO Problem: How to Rotate and Translate at the Same Time


New member
Below is a screen dump of the motion that I'm trying to model. In the gray part there is a slot in which a post on the green part should rotate and translate about. I'm having problems setting this up in an assembly and modelling the motion. I have been able to set it up to rotate about the post. And then in a second assembly I have set it up to translate up and down in the slot.

View attachment 112

The problem I'm having is to have just one assembly which both motions run at the same time. Is there a special trick or location of where to get information to set up a problem like this? From all the information on-line that I have read, I have been unable to locate anything close to this problem. Is this not possible to model in ProE?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and especially reply.

You can set the model with a slot and a follower the applied the force that will create the motion. Or you may wan to use a cylindrical or planar join to give the model the degrees of freedom you require. Then use a driver (motor) to move the model.