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mdimpex utility - export and import with Pro/INTRALINK


New member
After I tried some TPI's...

I'm searching for a possibility to export (and later to re-import) Pro/E objects from Pro/I. The suggested technic to do this in a Batch mode is mdimpex. Some helpfull hints are at PTC/USER and the PTC database. But there seems to be some non-described problems?

TPI 114696

TPI 107933 (! wrong description for arguments -i and -e! they are permuted...)

TPI 117559

TPI 110601

My batch file to export an object Test.prt from a Workspace Workspace is start.bat:




call D:\proI_32\proitkenv\bin\proilinktk3.2.bat

D:\proI_32\proe2001\bin\mdimpex -c -wWorkspace -- -dall -e D:\proI_32\.proi\Workspace\Test.prt

The result is

D:\proI_32>call D:\proI_32\proitkenv\bin\proilinktk3.2.bat

Exporting 1 objects:



No error, no problems -> but I want to export the part to C:\.

So I use argument -t C:\ at the end of the line.

The result is a Visual C++ Runtime Error with a message MDIMPEX ERROR : wrong usage......

Is there anybody (with experience in) using this tool?

I'll post a summary.

Thanks in advance

Detlef Garte

Two hints:

1) If an undesignated attribut is used, an error happens:

MDIMPEX WARNING: apdmPDMLDBAttrDefGetByName : Can not get attrdef.

2) Avoid blanks in your folder names!

in TAN ID 116447 (It Is Not Possible to Export Data To Hard Drive, Which Has Been Checked Out From Commonspace With the Dependency set to None.) there is an subscription about export problems, mayby the Alternate Technique (Check out the object with the Dependency Required or All. The Export will then be successful.) will help.

this problem slould be resolved in Pro/INTRALINK 3.2 2002270