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Maximum file version number?


New member

As you all know, Pro/E increments a file version number each time you save a file.

So: MyPart.prt.34 becomes MyPart.prt.35 when you save.

I was wondering, is there a limit to these numbers? I have an assembly that has version number 1100: MyAsm.asm.1100

Will I eventually run into trouble when this file version number becomes too high or does it simply keeps adding up?

Kind regards



New member
I'm not sure if there is a limit. You can rename the .1100 to .1 or whatever number you want. ProE will open the largest .# file that it sees when opening the assembly or part.


New member
I can remember a version of Pro/E (14?) in which it could not go above the 100. At that time (mid 90's) it was a sign of diehard modelling if you had parts or assy's with such a high number.

The problem should be solved for a long time now.



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