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mating lines in assemblies


New member
how doyou get rid of mating lines in assembliesin 2001? Such as two boxes mated together the drawing shows a seam line where they touch. I tried disp mode edge disp erase line in drw. can the be eliminated in asm also?do not seem to be able to merge either.


Do you want to merge the two parts? In Assembly mode pick Edit/Component Operations\Merge. (You have to have the reference controls set properly first) Otherwise, there should be a line between mating parts. You can manually erase edges you don't want to display in drawing mode with View/Drawing Display/Edge Display Erase Line.


New member
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That is my pet peeve with screws and screw holes in assembly/drawing mode, we use cosmetic threads to display threads but the lines always interfere and blank or show up. I wish there was a config.pro setting to turn this off