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Mass props not updating in drg


New member
<DIV>When we had 2000i, to get the mass of a component/assembly to show in a drg we could calc the mass with Analysis>Model Analysis>Compute & add the relation mass=mp_mass("") to the part/assy. Then we'd add the param &mass[.2] to the drg to display it.</DIV>
<DIV>Now since upgrading to Wildfire all this seems to have changed. The mass is not updating when it is recalculated. Anyone know what has changed & how to fix it please?</DIV>


The following "system" parameters for mass are available in Pro/E.
<LI>mp_mass("") (all versions)</LI>
<LI>pro_mp_mass(WF 2.0 and beyond only)</LI>[/list]

The method to update these parameters has also changed with WF2.0:

To temporarily recalculate the mass properties without updating the system params: Analysis>Model Analysis>Compute

To 'permanently' recalculate the mass properties and update the system parameters: Edit>Setup>Mass Props>Generate Report

pro_mp_mass is new and has advantages over the old mp_mass("") in that it can be used directly on drawings without the use of a 'middle-man' parameter which requires a regeneration before it updates.




New member
Well that is an old problem that in drawing mass won't update.
First I will change parameter to pro_mp_mass
And second you must set in config.pro this two options:
mass_property_calculate automatic
mp_calc_level all_models

Then you shouldn't have any problems.