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Manufacturing materials (foam) for models


New member
I am in search for material from which will be much easy to manufacture models (prototypes and concepts). Now I use wood!


New member

We used to use wax, perspex or tin for prototypes ( perspex or tin, for the functional parts ). The finish is normally quite good depending on the toolpath ( scallop height, etc...). However, we now use a 3D printer for the production of samples which we find better still.

Never used foam though. The wax normally gave the best finish.


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When I was in school we used wax also. We turned it on a cnc lathe. It works good when learning because it is soft and will not harm tooling if a mistake is made in the code. So, I can see where it would work nice on prototypes.



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We used wax to machine aircraft gear box prototypes on cnc mills. We had an oil reservoir on one that was designed to have a .040 thk wall. We were a little nervous about the wax holding up but it worked out good. And like chadholt said it is very forgiving when you program a bad tool path.


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