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making solids from quilts


New member
I imported a model of a 6203 bearing assembly from one of our vendors. I have placed this in our assembly and am now creating my drawings. My problem is that the bearing assembly is all in quilts and won't show up in any sections. How can I make this assembly solid so the I can section it.


New member
Have you tried the FEATURE - CREATE - SOLID -PROTRUSION - USE QUILT command from within part mode? You will need to do it a few times to create the whole bearing.

Good luck,



New member
Thanks, the fact that you can do only one quilt at a time was screwing me up. I was trying to create the entire bearing assembly in one step. Got it now though.


New member
While making the section use solid and quilt so in the sectional view it will take the surfaces also.


New member
Another trick is to create separate part files for each component.

If the IGES comes in as one blob, you can redefine the import feature, and delete any unwanted surfaces before making the solid. Do this several times for each of the individual parts, then create a new assembly, by assembling all the components to the default coordinate system.


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