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Making Blade Impeler


New member
Sometime back when I was learning Graph feature on PRO/E, I had created this Fan/Impeller model. Although this model may not find place in any of the industrial use, it sure gives the knowedge on Graph feature.

Because of file size limitations, I am attaching STEP file of the Fan. If any one needs the prt file, I can share the file though e-mail.



New member
to anand_m_s

Old trick-of-the-trade in parametric modelling : roll back the model to before the very first feature and save the file in that state. This way there is no geometry, only instructions, in the file, which makes the filesize drop considerably.



there is a file of a computer fan on this forum made by karvalis (sorry if i got ur name wrong)

the construction was done via a blend, if u d/l the model u could check how it was done.