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making a surface into a solid

Uni Phil

New member
I have desgined a helicopter blade for my uni project using surfaces but would like to make it a solid part throughout.

I know I can add thinkness, but this will always leave a small amount of space in there.

the part is open at one end and is closed at the other.

I'm also using WF.

Any clues are gratefully recieved.


You will have to make sure that your quilt is a completely enclosed volume. If you have made the blade out of several surfaces then you will need to 'stitch' them together first suing the surface>merge feature. Yuo will know when your quilt is completely enclosed because the joints will be purple, not yellow. Hope this helps?


Uni Phil

New member
if i understand correctly the whole thing has to be air tight, like a baloon if you like; so if one end is open that needs to have a surface over it aswell?

Cheers for the reply


New member
needs to have a surface over it aswell?

Yes, seal it off with a flat surface and surface merge it to the rest.

Presumably your blade is not hollow ??


New member
You do not need to have a completely closed volume. If your open end is attached to a solid, with no holes, Pro/E will fill the volume.


New member

That purple and yellow is gone in Wilfire! Such an enhancement!

How to see my quilt is closed?!? Using the Pre-WF color scheme...!



New member
That purple and yellow is gone in Wilfire

How so ??? Does Wildfire close it ?? If so how does it close it ?? What if you don't want it closed ??


New member
they have changed the color scheme not the functionality.

You can still revert to the yellow and purple if you want.



New member
So with the revised color scheme you don't know a surface is closed until you attempt to create a solid from it ???


Not sure about WF1.0, but in WF2.0:

Two-sided edge = purple (same as 2001 default color)

One-sided edge = pink (2001 default is yellow)