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making a gear


New member
i need to know how to make a simple gear. i have used pro-e in the past , but for some reason to make a simple gear is just beyond me. basically i have a cut that i would like to replicate ever nth degree of revolution... and as such have tried to use the pattern abilioty of pro-e to no sucess..

i dont want to be mirroring my pattern a 100 times :)



New member
Just a suggestion:

I will assume that your initial solid is a circle with default datums and axis through the center of the part (if not, set these up).

First create a centerline through the axis and at an angle from one of the datum the planes. Then create your cut dimensioned around this centerline and from the center axis. From that point, you should be able to create a pattern with your centerline angle as the variable.

This may be a mess, but it is how I have done this sort of thing in the past. Depending on your number of teeth, this can really slow down your system.


New member
Your pattern may not rotate correctly this way. You should first create a datum plane at an angle, then use it as your sketcher reference, and align your centerline to it. As the datum has a red and yellow side your geometry will not flip over after 180 degrees. You can create this datum on the fly, or as a seperate feature. If as a seperate feature, you can either group the tooth and plane and then pattern. Or pattern the plane, and reference pattern the tooth.


New member
please take ur time and visit the Files directory; there u can find some examples ready for download, and u can see some different way to make a gear.


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