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Making a CNC - CMM


New member
I am interested in data about most used 3d control unit on
cnc machines. I want to make one 3 axes cnc machine (home built


New member
The most used control would probably be a Fanuc. However, if you want to run from a PC that would be out. Aerotech, http://www.aerotech.com/, has a PC based programmable control system and a complete line of linear and rotary stages that will allow you to create a custom built machine. These components could be configured for any imaginable positioning task, including scanning.

Whileone can do what you are asking, it would be cheaper to buy a machine ready made. You are not specific on the size of the job or horsepower requirements. Anything beyondvery light cuts will require significant machine base structure.


New member
You can buy software (affordably) that will handle machine control with your PC. It is better for it to be dediccated, of course.

Here is some info:

CNC Controllers for Windows 98, Win2000 and WinXP.

Three levels of Printer Port Control for step/direction Drivers.


Control Your New or Rebuilt Machine With CNC Pro!

CNC Pro was developed by Yeager Automation to be used as a real time machine controller. It can be configured to work with virtually any machine. Some of the features include constant velocity contouring, backlash compensating, precision pulse timing, etc. Please read our specs page to get all of the details associated with cncpro.



New member

Go to cnczone and have a look around, they are all mostly machine geeks and the is alot about controls as well as hardware issues


I think that you will spend more time and money by making your own machine then buying a used one?


New member

That depends on what you are going to use it for. Are you more about figuring out how a CNC operates or the use and funtion of it its self? Like in the link I sent you there are a lot of people building machines and thats what their into. Most newer machine and some older machines are equipt with probes that can check position of a hole or surface, but as to them outputting data like a cmm you need to digitize with the machine. You can buy this setup to fit on a CNC andit will output data some what like a cmmbut I dont't think that this is what you are looking for as that this is mostly used to reverse engineer a part? How and what you build into your machine could give you what you are looking for. I would post on the link that I sent you and those guys will fill your ear full of ideas