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Make Datum IS in WF after all !!!


New member
I'm finally getting a chance to do some work in WF. It's a bit frustrating hunting down some of the features. The Forum is a HUGE help.

I just thought I'd share the fact that Make Datum (aka Datum on the Fly) is still in WF and I'm not talking about the new asychronous group thing. Real honest to gosh Make Datum. The back door is to select the Legacy Application.

Select #Applications > #Legacy > #Feature > #Create > #Cut (or Protrusion > #Extrude #Solid #Done > #One/Both Sides #Done > #Setup New options are: #Plane #Make Datum or Quit Plane.

You can use all the old tricks (i.e. plane at angle) and when you're done the Make Datum is invisible in the model tree and embedded, just like God intended :+)

Now the question is, since it's obviously still in the code why does PTC think it's desireable to dumb down the program everywhere else? Seems like they're playing right into SolidWorks hands by abandoning the position of being the most powerful MCAD package and catering to the casual user. I guess they're running scared since they've lost so much market share.

Bernie Hayden



New member
I could not agree more with the dumb down interface. Although PTC continues to add valuable functionalitiy most of what we do has not changed. Having used PTC products since 1989 I feel that a 1-2 week boot camp will be required to re-train for WF. I would have preferred a more subtle transition as we have seen in te past. PTC makes the best products but you can over do somethings. If we are unable to find all the tools we have learned over the years how can PTC expect productivity to improve. This release clearly seems to be over the top.


New member
Bernie, that is why I wish someone with PTC could monitor this site and clear up the statements about DOTF. On the UG BBS, the Project Manager for modeling does most of the answering questions when a user can't.

Steve C