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make all surfaces perpendicular

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What is the best way to make all surfaces perpendicular or all the same draft angle to a curve surface?

What I did was 1st create an extruded curved surface, then extruded text onto the curved surface. But I can


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I would project the text onto the surfaces using Create/Datum Curve/Projected. Then use the projected curves as sweep trajectories. You will have to do a bunch of sweeps. But once you get them done you will have total control over the angle. Then you can create an offset surface of your original extruded surface. Merge the swept surfaces with the offset surface and then with the main surface and you will have your embossed text.


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I create my text as a sketched datum-curve first and then extrude a surface thru this curve and use-edge in sketcher.

The datum-curve step is necessary because there is no text option in surface sketches for some obscure PTC reason.

Create a surface copy of the surface you wish to place the text on.

Use the text surface to trim the copied surface. You can then create a thin protrusion using your trimmed quilt.

In this manner the top surface of the text is an exact offset of your text surface.


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Another method is to create a formed curve on just about any surface and then do a tweak offset. It works really well (2001).


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in 2001 use surface>draft offset (sorry about the tweak offset, its been awhile since I have used 2001.

project the logo on the surface then use draft offset and pick the base surface then the sketch plane (used for orientation basically). In sketch mode use edge to copy the lines.

There are a few options for distance and angle then you should be done. There is also an option in there for tangent or straight sides, you'll want to pick straight.

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